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Facial Care

AromaWorks Skincare is...

~ Paraben free ~ Sulphate free ~ Silicone free ~ Petrochemical free ~ Mineral Oil free ~
~ Nut free ~ Gluten free ~ Dairy free ~ Not tested on animals ~ Vegan friendly ~ Safe in pregnancy ~

... Naturally effective skincare products, suitable for women and men

... Skin friendly for those with particularly sensitive skin. Our products are free from perfume and alcohol to gently but effectively treat delicate skin, including cases of Eczema, Psoriasis and Rosacea.

... Suitable to be used during pregnancy and when breastfeeding. We have specifically chosen only nature's finest indredients that are clinically safe for both mother and baby.



Suitable for all skin types, it is far from basic, We will thoroughly cleanse, tone and gently exfoliate your face. Following that with a relaxing massage to face, neck and shoulder area. Finishing with a masque chosen for your skin type.

(1 hour)

All the above, plus gentle dermabrasion or ozone steam, as appropriate. Massage will follow this, starting with hot stones, progressing to manual techniques for deep relaxation, including lymphatic drainage and pressure points as indicated. Using AromaWorks oils...
Nourish ~ improves skin elasticity, brightens and hydrates
Balance ~ clears congested oily skin, rejuvenates and revitalises
Delicate ~ soothes irratated skin, calms inflammation, gently prevents effects of ageing
Rejuvenate ~ reverses signs of ageing, improves appearance of scars, soothing and moisturising
(75 mins)

The perfect introduction to skin care, ideal for teenagers. Includes cleanse, peel and mask with plenty of personalised skin care advice

               If you are a little more mature, but have never has a facial and would like a more advisory skin care treatment, this 

(45 mins)

 GOLD Aroma-Lift

With microstimulation of acupuncture points (no needles).

A unique treatment which works on the principles of Acupuncture, using contact electrodes and micro current in place of needles. It has the power to help synthesise the skins own collagen and stimulate tissue regeneration.

(90 mins)

 Japanese Facial Lifting

Much more than a facial treatment, this intensive hand on massage therapy stimulates the deepest layers of the skin, creating a visibly lifted and lasting effect.
The process is quite hypnotic creating a much deeper relaxation than is usually achieved during a facial massage.
The magnolia and rose oil used in this therapy are of an exceptional and luxurious quality plus the smell is no less than divine!
Over 45 minutes are spent massaging the face and head, also the hands and feet are massaged during this therapy.

If your favourtie part of a facial is the massage definitely give this one a try ..... and then tell all your friends!!!

(75 mins)

Rejuvenating Mesotherapy (no needles)
 This is an effective and safe alternative to injectables. It involves a thorough but gentle dermabrasion followed by transdermal infusion of naturally occurring medical grade substances using ultrasound. It is prescriptive and will vary according to your specific needs.
Best taken as a course, but still valuable as a one off.

(45 mins)


Course of 6

 Special Rejuvenating Mesotherapy


Single treatment plus massage and special hydrotherm masque (utter luxury)

(90 mins)

Hand or Foot Treatment

Add a nourishing hand mask with thermal mittens or a softening foot mask with heated booties whilst your facial or body treatment takes place.